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Fifth Year Celebration!

More Saturday Night Dance Photos

More pictures of Big As TEXAS "Fifth Year Celebration!" participants, all dressed up for the Saturday night dance. Image: Two women

Darlene Cates (right) with Maureen Parke of oooO Baby, Baby magazine. Photo by Sheri Morgan.

Image: Three women

Susie of Washington State, Darlene of Texas, and Tish, also of Texas. Photo by Sheri Morgan.

Image: A man and a woman at dance

Darlene of Texas, and DeAndre of Oklahoma. Photo by Diane Roscoe.

Image: Two women

Lynn and Kathy of Houston. Photo by Diane Roscoe.

Image: A group of people

The "Zoftig Zone": Susan (New Jersey), Karen (Utah), Donna Marie (Illinois), C.J. (Texas), Tish (Texas), Darlene (Texas), Karen (Ohio), Susie (Washington), Terry (Texas), Roland (Texas), and Diane (Texas). Photo by Sheri Morgan.

Image: Three women

Karen of Utah, Donna Marie of Illinois, and C.J. of Texas. Photo by Darlene Cates.

Image: Four people posing

The Houston contingent: back row, Kathy and Lynn; front row, Roland and Diane.

Image: Woman at dance

Kathy. Photo by Diane Roscoe.

Woman at dance

Organizer Terry Early of Sour Lake, Texas. Photo by Diane Roscoe.

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