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Big As TEXAS Yahoo Users' Group

Big As TEXAS now has a Yahoo list that seems to be functioning.

This list is for people who have attended Big As TEXAS. If you want to join, you need to send an e-mail to

Then when you want to send messages, you send them to

The description on Yahoo reads as follows:

This computer group is for attendees of the Big As TEXAS Spring Assemblies, held each March in Texas. We are a size-friendly group of people, who discuss all sorts of issues, including issues related to size rights, activism, and education. To learn more about Big As TEXAS, you can check out the website at

If you are a former attendee and decide to join our discussion, keep in mind that I will need to okay all joiners. It may take as long as 24 hours before that is accomplished, depending on what time of day you sign up.

This is a friendly list, and we will not tolerate any ridicule, gossip, hostility, or flaming. Its purpose is to bring together like-minded people for friendship and conversation.

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