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Information for Vendors/Vendor Agreement

To participate as a recognized vendor at Big As TEXAS, the following must be agreed to. Please print out this entire form, sign it, and include it with your Vendor Registration form.
  1. All vendors must be registered for Big As TEXAS. See the Vendor Registration form for prices.

  2. Vendors shall sell from their rooms. All vendors will be grouped together unless there is an unusual circumstance. In order to assure a measure of equality, the placement of vendors in rooms shall be determined by Big As TEXAS according to an arbitrary lot prior to the start of the event. Vendors may not manipulate the room placement.

  3. All registered vendors who have signed this agreement may participate in the fashion show.

  4. The Big As TEXAS registration forms will solicit vendor models ahead of time. This was a vendor suggestion to help better facilitate the preparation for the fashion show. We will know model size ranges ahead of time.

  5. All male vendors must have a designated female representative in the changing room prior to the fashion show. This representative's only concern is looking out for the welfare of the male vendor, and therefore she may not be a model for another vendor.

  6. To ensure equality, vendors will show the same number of outfits. Whether vendors send up two models at a time, or one each time, the total number of outfits will be what is counted. The number of outfits each vendor shows will be determined prior to the start of Big As TEXAS based upon the number of registered vendors.

  7. Vendors will provide a description of each garment on a separate 3x5 card. Each model will hand the appropriate card to the MC as the model goes onstage.

  8. If vendors would like to donate any door prizes to Big As TEXAS, they would be welcome. It is not, however, required. Vendors may not donate more than three (3) door prizes.

  9. It is strictly forbidden for vendors to place posters or flyers in the hotels with the exception of a flyer on their own door. This is against hotel policy, and it causes financial loss to Big As TEXAS. Vendors who violate this requirement will not be invited back.

    Vendor room numbers will be announced at all meal events, and vendors may place flyers on the registration table on Friday afternoon, as well as on the tables in the Hospitality Suite.

  10. Participating vendors will have an ad placed in the Big As TEXAS program, provided I receive it ten (10) days prior to the start of the event.
A signature below indicates that you comply with this agreement.

Vendor Signature

Please print vendor business name

This form, printed and signed, must be included with your Vendor Registration form.

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